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1. Pre- wedding ceremonies

A) Engagement / Sagaai
The Engagement Ceremony is one of The Pre-Marriage Ceremonies in the Indian Society. It is an important event as it marks the beginning of the wedding ceremonies. An Engagement Ceremony is usually held months before the Wedding Ceremony. It is known by different names in different regions of the country like Misri, Aashirwad, Mangni or Ring Ceremony.

The main part of the Engagement Ceremony is when the would-be bride and the groom exchange The Rings.

After The Rings are exchanged all the relatives and friends gather for a dinner party. In many a cases the date of marriage is also fixed by a 'pandit' on the day of the Engagement Ceremony. Nowadays people also have arrangements of music and dance at the Engagement Ceremony. Professional Choreographers are appointed to train Bride, Groom and other family members to perform on The Engagement Day.

B) Hens Party
Bridal shower or Hens Party is the ritual conducted by the bride's family and friends mainly consists of females. Bachelorette Party, Hen Party, or Hen's Night, is a party held for the girl who is about to get married. The bachelorette party is modeled after the bachelor's party, which is itself historically a dinner given by the bridegroom to his friends shortly before his wedding.

C) Mehndi night

Mehndi is an essential part of every Indian wedding and adds to the glow of a bride on her wedding day.

Wedding Experts Online can arrange the Mehndi at a venue of your choice. The entire venue is decorated with fresh flowers with the theme colour of green. Traditional Rangolis are put and floral entrance is done. We also arrange for Folk and Traditional Mehndi Singers and Dancer.

This evening is celebrated with much pomp and show by all the female friends and family members. It is believed that Mehndi Night brings color to the life of the bride. The bride is showered with blessings by friends and family members. She is wished good luck in her life.

We can also book some of the famous and Experts Mehndi Artists like Brahmadevi Sharma, Jayshree Doshi and Kalpana Harsora for you straight from Bollywood.

Check out some mehndi designs in our Photo gallery

D) Lady Sangeet
The ladies sangeet also known, as Gaun is a popular custom that further heightens wedding festivities. Although synonymous with the Bridal Shower it is equally celebrated at the groom's house. At the bride's home women relatives and friends play the dholki and sing suhaag, which is a traditional folk song. Songs include 'jokes' about the in-laws, and would be husband how to have a successful married life and songs about the bride leaving her parents home.

The bride and groom's family now mostly celebrates it at a common place like a lavish banquet hall or a hotel ballroom. A theme is given to the occasion , various Folk Dancers and Singers, DJ and Dhol are called. Among all the pre-wedding celebrations Sangeet Party is the most enjoying one.

2. Bridal Outfit and jewelry

For a bride her wedding dress is of her most priority.
So lots of effort and preparations are made before the wedding day. People are opting for exclusive designer wear.

We will assist you in the purchase of your Dream-Wedding Trousseau. We will take you for shopping in some of the best stores around the city that provides Exotic Indian and Western Dresses.

While shopping we would keep in mind the budget and ensure that it is not crossed at any point of time. Arrangements for wedding accessories such as 'Safaas' for The Groom and 'Chooris' for The Bride will be taken care of by our team.

Jewelry can be of Gold, Silver, Diamond or Platinum depending on your budget and taste. If your budget is high than you can go for Designer Jewelry and Customized Jewelry. Jewelry can be of different style depending on the occasion. For pre-wedding functions like Sangeet, Mehndi and Engagement you can opt for simple and light jewelry. Heavy Jewelry is worn on the Wedding Day.

Keeping your budget in mind, we will help you in choosing The Best Jewelries.

3. Bridal Makeup

Bridal makeup plays an important role in making the bride feel on top of the world on the occasion of her marriage. The Indian bride is the essence of color and glitter red, and the bridal makeup further enhances the regal effect.

Indian women have always been encouraged to make the most of their looks. For having the perfect bridal makeup, would- be brides should understand the difference between everyday makeup and the type of application that will enhance their beauty in wedding photos. 

The WeddingExpertsOnline.com offers services of highly professional make-up artists who would deck you up like a princess on your wedding day. Also, we would provide for hair stylists as well. Other female members of the family can also enjoy these services. We can also arrange for a Sari Drapist who will assist you to wear your beautiful sari in an exotic and innovative manner.

4. Wedding Trousseau

Trousseau shopping is every bride's nightmare. It has to be perfect yet as inexpensive as possible.
WeddingExpertsOnline.com will assist you in your purchase of your dream-wedding trousseau. We will take you for shopping in some of the best stores around the city that provides exotic Indian and western dresses. We would also arrange for beautiful packaging of the entire wedding trousseau as well as the other gift items that would be given to the various relatives. While assisting you in the shopping for you wedding clothes and other items such as jewellery, cosmetics and other personal items, we would keep in mind the budget and ensure that it is not crossed at any point of time.

Indian Wedding Trousseau Packing

Whether the wedding is modern and sophisticated or simple and casual, the wedding gifts are thought of as the earthly treasures. Today packaging and presentation has become almost as important as the gift itself.

Here is a range of exclusive designer packaging ideas that combines the customary gift giving with a little innovation, especially created by WeddingExpertsOnline.com.

5. Wedding

A)  Venue Booking
A wedding venue has to be chosen depending upon the approximate number of guests that you expect at your wedding. Only after ascertaining your size requirements for the wedding venue, begin scouting your neighborhood area for the same. Also, as during the wedding season, there is so much rush, it is always advisable to book the venue weeks in advance

WeddingExpertsOnline.com will arrange the perfect wedding venue for you depending upon your requirements. We can book a venue for you anywhere in India, according to the number of guests, we will decide whether a farmhouse should be booked or a banquet hall, and according to the theme, we will decide whether the venue should be a beach in Goa or a Palace in Rajasthan.

We not only arrange wedding venues in India, but also overseas venues, like venue in Malaysia, New York, Australia and many more. Leave all your booking worries to us. We would take up all responsibility of finding the ideal wedding venue for your dream marriage. Apart, from the wedding itself, we also cater to booking venues for receptions and other pre wedding functions as well.

B) Invitation Cards
One of the most important parts of the preparation of any wedding is the invitation card. The Indian Wedding Invitation Cards are made only after careful selection of a beautiful design.

There are several types of Indian Wedding Invitation Cards. These are mainly differentiated on the basis of the language that is used in them and their design. Apart from this, differences in Indian Wedding Invitation Cards can also be established on the type of wedding that the card is prepared for, Theme invitation card is preferred for a theme wedding.

Hence, it is essential that the right design and colour is chosen for the invitation card.

You could avail of our services, designed to help you choose the right invitation cards.

C)  Decoration
Hindu weddings usually comprise of several ceremonies. All the ceremonies in the Hindu weddings are lavish affairs and performed with great zest and zeal. The Decorations is one of the most important preparations needed for any Hindu wedding ceremony. Decorations are basically classified according to the ceremonies in which they are used.
Our team with their unique ideas can create for you different theme for different ceremonies.

You can see some of our decor designs from Wedding Stages and Mandaps to Floral designs in our Photo Gallery .

D)  Catering
As the catering bill constitutes one of the largest expenses of a wedding budget, the role of the wedding caterer is highly important during the marriage.

While deciding upon the caterer, always go by the reputation. Our team will help you in selecting a suitable wedding caterer's for all your ceremonial functions. We would also take up responsibility for the décor of the dining hall and the table seating as well as helping out in finalizing the wedding menu in consultation with the chosen wedding caterer.

With WeddingExpertsOnline.com you are able to relax and be confident that your function is in the best hands, leaving you and your guests to enjoy the function.

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