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For Groom

1. Pre-Wedding Ceremonies

A) Bachelor's Party
Bachelor's Party allow the Groom to celebrate the few precious moments that are left of his unmarried life! Bachelors Party can be thrown at a Banquet or a Farmhouse or a Five Star Hotel. This Party involves Liquor, Casino, Music and Western dance troupes.

B) Cocktail
Nowadays families also host Cocktail Parties. Special Bar Counter is set up where exotic cocktails and mocktails are served. In Cocktail Parties DJ's are present who with their music set the ambience perfect for the party animals. Mostly the Ccocktail Parties are held in a banquet hall, which is filled with heavy Hors d'oeuvres and Cocktails. For example, a perfect ambience for a cocktail dinner would be a Red-and-Gold Royal Pavilion with Lavish Seating, Gorgeous Floral Arrangements, Buffet Tables, Silk Draped Reception Areas, Bars and Dessert Lounges. In the cocktail section we can offer various varieties like Wine, Rum, Whiskey and Vodka. And to compliment that we can offer various kinds of Continental and Indian Snacks both Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian depending on the guest list.

2. Groom's Outfit

There are several trends that are prevalent today when it comes to the Groom's look. In fact, the Indian Groom can avail various facilities and services that help him look THE BEST on The Wedding Day. To achieve a perfect look, there are several arrangments that are needed to be taken into consideration. These include choosing the right outfit, getting the right shoes and above all looking after one's skin and hair. There are several services we offer for the Indian Groom, these services include The Wedding Sehra, Ethnic Wear, Wedding Turban, Accessories, Special Skin Care, Hair Care, and Shervani. Apart from this, all our services have been designed keeping in mind the ongoing trends. Thus, you can avail the various services and facilities offered by us and have a truly memorable wedding.

3. Wedding

A) Venue
A wedding venue has to be chosen depending upon the approximate number of guests that you expect at your wedding. Only after ascertaining your size requirements for the wedding venue, begin scouting your neighborhood area for the same. Also, as during the wedding season, there is so much rush, it is always advisable to book the venue weeks in advance

WeddingExpertsOnline.com will arrange the perfect wedding venue for you depending upon your requirements. We can book a venue for you anywhere in India, according to the number of guests, we will decide whether a farmhouse should be booked or a banquet hall, and according to the theme, we will decide whether the venue should be a beach in Goa or a Palace in Rajasthan.

We not only arrange wedding venues in India, but also overseas venues, like venue in Malaysia, New York, Australia and many more. Leave all your booking worries to us. We would take up all responsibility of finding the ideal wedding venue for your dream marriage. Apart, from the wedding itself, we also cater to booking venues for receptions and other pre wedding functions as well.

B) Invitation Cards
One of the most important parts of the preparation of any wedding is the invitation card. The Indian Wedding Invitation Cards are made only after careful selection of a beautiful design.

There are several types of Indian Wedding Invitation Cards. These are mainly differentiated on the basis of the language that is used in them and their design. Apart from this, differences in Indian Wedding Invitation Cards can also be established on the type of wedding that the card is prepared for, Theme invitation card is preferred for a theme wedding.

Hence, it is essential that the right design and colour is chosen for the invitation card.

You could avail of our services, designed to help you choose the right invitation cards.

C) Live Band and Horse Cart
One of the important and fun ceremonies is the arrival of The Groom at the wedding venue. The groom's family members, relatives and friends accompany him to the wedding venue in big procession. They come dancing on the beats of Bands and Dhol, while Groom sits on his decorated Horse Cart. But Nowdays Grooms also prefer coming in Luxury Cars.

WeddingExpertsOnline.com, will book a Band and a Luxury Car for you in no time and months before the wedding. We can provide you with amazing Firework, Rose Shots, and many more attractions.

D)  Decoration
Hindu weddings usually comprise of several ceremonies. All the ceremonies in the Hindu weddings are lavish affairs and performed with great zest and zeal. The Decorations is one of the most important preparations needed for any Hindu wedding ceremony. Decorations are basically classified according to the ceremonies in which they are used.
Our team with their unique ideas can create for you different theme for different ceremonies.

You can see some of our decor designs from Wedding Stages and Mandaps to Floral designs in our Photo Gallery .

E)   Catering
As the Catering bill constitutes one of the largest expenses of a wedding budget, the role of the Wedding Caterer is highly important during the marriage.

While deciding upon the Caterer, always go by the reputation. Our team will help you in selecting a suitable Wedding Caterer for all your ceremonial functions. We would also take up the responsibility for the décor of the Dining Hall and the Table Seatings as well as helping out in finalizing the Wedding Menu in consultation with the chosen wedding caterer.

With WeddingExpertsOnline.com you are able to relax and be confident that your function is in the best hands, leaving you and your guests to enjoy the function.

4. Reception Ceremony

Indian weddings have a charm of their own. As per the tradition, the wedding is primarily organized by the bride's family, however, The Reception might be an exception. Reception ceremony is celebrated just after the main wedding day. It is the first public appearance of the newly wed couple after their marriage. The Reception is usually organized by the family of The Groom as a grand party.

Reception Parties are laid with sumptuous food to treat the guests a little more. It is accompanied by good music and ambience to add to the zing. Unlike all the ceremonies, the reception does not include any rituals. Some couples end the day by cutting of wedding cake. It is a light event which is basically organized to provide opportunity to those people who could not attend the wedding. Nevertheless, the celebration of this ceremony depends totally upon the whims and fancies of The Groom's Family.

5. Honeymoon Packeges

Looking for Honeymoon packages in India or abroad? Your choice of a honeymoon destination will depend on your budget, time available, prevailing weather conditions and preference.

Indian Wedding Planners presents packages to great honeymoon destinations and ideas and tips to plan your honeymoon in India or outside India.


Just give us the honeymoon destination of your choice and we will get back to you with packages, costs, and possible itineraries. Our travel partners will make your honeymoon travel a relaxing affair.


Goa offers a choice of exotic beaches, packaged tours to cathedrals, churches, temples, ruins and waterfalls. People here are a fun loving, easy-going, indulgent population with smile, warmth and hospitality as their words of welcome

The Southern state packs a variety of experiences for the visitor. Some of the finest beaches any where in the world, many being off the beaten tourist track, idyllic backwaters allow for laidback cruises through palm tree and rice paddy country.

This pleasant sprawling town set among the pine-clad hills presents the visitor with glimpses of fading colonial charm Move around the city and you get to see some of the fascinating sights of the landscape around.

Jakhoo Hill is the highest point in Shimla and offers a panoramic view of the city. Glen forest is one of the most fascinating picnic spots in Shimla. Summer Hill has pleasant shady walks in quite surroundings. Chadwick Falls are situated amidst thick forest and gives a breathtaking view. Prospect Hill is a popular picnic spot that gives some beautiful views of the region.


Some of the best honeymoon destinations - ABROAD:

The endless variety of attractions available at the sun-kissed isle of Sentosa, Singapore's family fun park, will leave you hard pressed for time to cover them in one day. To unravel the mysteries of the deep, check out the Underwater World - Asia's largest oceanarium with over 6,000 fishes spanning 350 species. For a step into Singapore history, take a walk up to Fort Siloso and the Pioneers of Singapore museum. At night, be thrilled by the spectacular water and laser show.

switzerland may be neutral but it is certainly not flavourless. The fusion of German, French and Italian ingredients has formed a robust national culture, and the country's Alpine landscapes have enough zing to reinvigorate the most jaded traveller. Goethe summed up Switzerland succinctly as a combination of 'the colossal and the well-ordered'.

When KL does something, it likes to do it big. The twin Petronas Towers skyscrapers - the tallest building in the world - dominate the skyline, while in Merdeka Square stands a 95m (312ft) flagpole.

Mauritius is situated at approximately 2000kilometers to the south -eastern coast of Africa and lies east of Madagascar on 20 S, 57.5 E. The land has an area of 1865 square kilometers with 330 kilometers of coastline. Inland features include a vast central plateau, subtropical forests, rivers, steams and waterfalls.

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